SCADA 2016

Australia’s leading conference for improving tools, techniques and defences in the SCADA landscape

The SCADA market is growing rapidly, expected to reach up to $11.16 billion by 2020 (SCADA Market by Components, Architecture, Application, and Geography – Analysis & Forecast to 2013 – 2020).

As the future market turns increasingly digital, there is an ever increasing push to increase connectivity and communication in SCADA systems.

Although this online connection leads to increased reach and use of SCADA systems, it also increases the potential security risks and decreases direct control of the systems. Combined with the current mining downturn and Australia’sshifting economy, this has lead to even further budget tightening. The currentSCADA maintenance needs a revamp, with proactive management of SCADA systemsand proper analysis of collected raw data. Combining better management withIT/OT integration will lead to resource optimisation and risk reduction.

SCADA 2016 will bring together a cross-industry selection of SCADA professionals, to discuss the investment and implementation of leading SCADA and process control systems in order to meet evolving business dynamics, produce improvements in business processes, and enhance profit margins.

Main themes will include:


Integrating SCADA systems into existing framework (IT/OT integration)


Limiting vulnerability through effective technology (Internet of Things and Cyber Security)


Increasing business intelligence with data analysis

Who you will meet at the SCADA 2016 Conference:


Operation Systems Managers


Network Operations Managers


Control Systems/SCADA Engineers


Process Control/ICS Engineers


Communications Engineers


Control Systems/Security Consultants


IT Security Engineers


Electrical Engineers





Oil & Gas









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